Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers

The fully automatic horizontal balers available here at Greenbank Waste Solutions are an automated version of our horizontal balers. Able to process high volumes of recyclable materials, our waste balers can handle paper, cardboard and plastics. They are ideal for companies handling large amounts of daily waste.

Horizontal Waste Baler Benefits

These machines will efficiently and effectively compress large amounts of the above mentioned waste products into a transportable bale, in a block format. Not only are they time saving, a horizontal baler is highly cost effective and low maintenance. The robust design of these machines makes them low maintenance with a lengthy lifespan. Our horizontal balers can be loaded with a bin lifter or bin tipper. To learn more about the benefits, take a look at our blog, Product Focus: Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers.

So how does it work? It’s really quite simple. With the ability to work continually, producing bales all day long, the machine will begin automatically when it senses enough waste has been added. The beauty of the horizontal baler is that it does literally everything for you. From compressing to tieing the completed bale, staff input is kept to a minimum. Ideal for companies producing around two tonnes of waste per day, this particular model offers the perfect solution to almost every industry. For those producing less than two tonnes we recommend taking a look at our vertical balers.

Horizontal Balers and Sustainability

We understand the importance of sustainability and our machines and processes reflect this. Many companies are only just making the realisation that PET and polystyrene can be recycled and a horizontal waste baler is the perfect solution. With a myriad of recycling centres prepared to pay for waste materials, investing in a machine offers your company a further revenue stream. Get in touch with our experts today and we can discuss your needs further.

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