Polystyrene Compactors

Polystyrene quickly fills up skips and bins, yet is made up of 98% air, weighing almost nothing. With a compaction ratio of 40:1 not only will an EPS compactor reduce your disposal costs significantly but it will also add an additional revenue stream to your business. Certain recyclers will pay between £300 and £600 per tonne of compacted polystyrene, depending on quantity. 

We have three models of EPS compactors available, all of which hold a different specification, varying mainly in size. The SC1000 compacts wet and dry polystyrene and is a low maintenance option. Next, we have the SC2000 and based upon density will handle 70-90 kg of EPS/hour. Finally, the SC3000 EPS compactor offers perfectly stackable blocks whilst ensuring the maximum payload is maintained for export. We will advise on the most suitable polystyrene compactor to suit space and usage.

If you are looking for an effective solution to reduce waste material, polystyrene compactors at Greenbank are the way forwards.

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