Making Waste Cost Less

Efficent Waste Management Solutions

Our Approach

When you need effective waste management with great service, speak to Greenbank.

We offer solutions that make waste management more efficient, saving your company time and money. From labour saving machinery to waste recycling, we make waste management work for you.


Robin Evershed Managing Director

With over 20 years’ experience in waste management, Robin has a great head for business and knowledge of our customers’ needs.

Duncan Evershed Commercial Director

Duncan works closely with customers and suppliers to build stronger relationships and make sure Greenbank grows with our customers.

Steven Evershed ​Technical Director

Steven’s 23 years’ experience means there’s not much he doesn’t know about waste management products.

Ian Evershed ​​Senior Director

Ian created the business in 1993 and remains an essential member of the team, working in the office daily helping the finance department.

Becca Northrop ​Executive Assistant

Becca joined us in 2016 as Executive Assistant. She works closely with the Directors, co-ordinating projects and helping deliver their vision for Greenbank.

Phil Jones Customer ​Service Manager

As part of the senior leadership team, Phil looks after our customers and makes sure all needs are met quickly and effectively.

Nicola Jackson Management Accountant

Nicola Jackson joined the Greenbank team in 2017 and has proven to be an integral member of the finance team.

Wayne Skelton ​Projects/Operations Manager

Wayne is a very driven leader, he looks after projects from enquiry through to installation.

Adrian Saltmarsh ​Account Manager

Looking after some of our biggest client accounts, Adrian spends a lot of time finding ways to help clients make their waste cost less.

Murray Johnston Account Manager

Working face-to-face with customers, Murray provides first class support from the first appointment.

Laura Mohan ​​Marketing Executive

Laura Mohan is responsible for increasing Greenbank's brand awareness, creating social media content and ensuring the website is kept up to date.

Andrew Murphy Technical & Innovation Leader

Andrew joined Greenbank in 2017 to lead our design and innovation department.

Romie Johnston ​Accessories Manager

Romie joined the team in 2016, she is responsible for Greenbank’s accessory sales. Her innovative ideas and bright outlook make her an integral part of the team.

Rob Cox Production Manager

Rob has been with Greenbank for 15 years, starting as a trainee technician and working his way up.

Kevin Saltmarsh Waste Process and Equipment Specifier

Kevin has gained much experience in the waste industry since starting with Greenbank in 2006, he works with companies to demonstrate how savings can be made through analysing their on-site waste disposal systems.

Jamie Taylor Machinery Design

Jamie joined us as a design engineer, commitment to his role allowed him to progress to areas of machinery design and site development.

Julie Barnes ​​Customer Service Coordinator

Julie works alongside Phil and Elliot, helping with the day to day running of the service department.

Elliot Graham ​​Customer Service Coordinator

Elliot provides support to Phil, our Customer Service Manager, and also looks after the day to day running of operations.

Warren Evershed ​Assistant Account Manager

Warren works alongside Adrian Saltmarsh negotiating and closing business deals, whilst also building key relationships.

Emily Hindley Assistant Account Manager

Emily works alongside account manager Murray Johnson, she provides support in building key relationships and identifying business opportunities.

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