Automatic Balers That Solve Your Space Restriction

CC40V Greenbank

Automatic Balers That Solve Your Space Restriction

Are you looking for an automatic cardboard baler to fit a required space? We can help. 

A standard automatic channel baler measures around eight or nine metres long, which can be a big ask if you’re short on space. 

At Greenbank Waste Solutions, our fully automatic balers are made for large volumes of waste loaded by either hand, conveyor or air systems. And the good news is we offer compact machines that are significantly smaller than our competitors’. 

Use our compact, fully automatic CC40V baler to save critical floor space and produce stable, high-density bales from recyclables like paper and cardboard. 

The CC40V machine measures under 5 metres compared to the standard automatic channel baler, which is an extra four meters in size. 

The CC40V can also help reduce your noise pollution, with levels less than 75 decibels.

Are you interested in an automatic baler with fantastic performance at a fraction of the size? It’s a straightforward process with our team. Either get in touch by phone or use our online contact form. Greenbank will visit you to perform a no-obligation site audit.

You can also find out about our service packages on our Service Plans page for when your balers need a tune-up. 

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