Case Study

Feeds from two floors, no problem!

Greenbank has installed a CC40V fully automatic baler to a new online distribution facility located in Grantham. 

This particular site originally came to Greenbank looking for a screw compactor to compact cardboard waste from two floors. However, due to the lower level actually being below ground, this would have resulted in issues with logistics. The equipment required to make this logistically possible was not a financially viable option for the amount of cardboard generated.

Greenbank Technical Advisor, Adrian Saltmarsh said: “After the initial site visit, it was agreed that the process of compacting wasn’t going to be as efficient as an automatic baling solution. We proposed a CC40V fully automatic baler, including a hopper that enables feeding from both floor levels. The CC40v measures under 4 metres long, allowing the baling solution to be installed indoors close to the production line whilst taking up minimal floor space. The overall solution provided a cost-effective, automatic solution that provided labour savings.”



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