The Client

We helped I Love Wallpaper to lower their labour costs that arose from cardboard and polythene use.

We are very pleased with how the machine is running, it’s made day to day operations much easier.

- Michael Simpson, Warehouse Manager at I Love Wallpaper

The Background

I Love Wallpaper was founded in 1993 to provide bespoke wallpaper offerings to ‘better meet the needs of unloved walls’. Their collections are designing to get away from the usual wallpaper fare you can find on the high street and ultimately, outlive trends. Since its founding, I Love Wallpaper has set up stores in Sunderland, Hartlepool and Blaydon. They also retail their products online, with the distribution centre of I Love Wallpaper located in Hartlepool.

The Business Need

Not only did it produce a large amount of cardboard, but it also produced a fair amount of polythene. I Love Wallpaper would flat-pack their cardboard by hand, a process which took a significant amount of time in terms of labour. They would then transport these flat-packs to a local recycling centre. This process was taking up a lot of time and energy. You need to focus on the things that directly affect the success of your business. In this case, selling wallpaper and delivering great customer service.

With the amount of waste being created, there’s also the issue of space. Before you make your weekly drive to the recycling centre, where do you store all that cardboard? I Love Wallpaper needed to greatly reduce the volume of their waste to make the most of their space.

The Solution

“Michael [Simpson, Warehouse Manager] approached us after using Greenbank equipment in a previous role,” said Warren Evershed, Account Manager at Greenbank. “He wanted to reduce the labour element of the waste handling process whilst also achieving a revenue for the company’s recyclables.”

So, it was determined that a B20 Vertical Baler would be best for their business needs. This type of baler is a highly flexible machine that can be used anywhere from large retail shops to industries of all types. It’s the perfect baler for cardboard with a wide opening and internal barbs that help to keep waste materials together. It even works on extremely expandable materials, such as polythene. The B20 Vertical Baler is incredibly straightforward to operate and understand. It bales by using a 20t press force,

The Benefits

When the installation was complete, I Love Wallpaper dramatically reduced the labour costs involved in their waste management process. Gone was the need to manually flat-pack cardboard and the trips to the recycling centre. The machine also offered a simple two-step ejection process and due to the reduction in waste volume, it meant fewer waste collection trips were needed. Similarly, once enough polythene has been generated, the same process is applied to that waste material. Overall, I Love Wallpaper has saved 30% on its waste handling costs.

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