How To Compact Food Waste Without Making A Mess

Self cleaning portable compactor features

How To Compact Food Waste Without Making A Mess

Food waste is often associated with bad odours, leaks and vermin. With the help of Greenbank Waste Solutions it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Read on to find out why….

Our website offers a range of self-cleaning compactors. These machines have been specifically designed to solve problems that companies handling food waste and liquid waste often encounter. In comparison to standard portable compactors, you will find our machines are far superior whilst filtering out the odours.

Standard Portable Compactor Issues

One of the main issues with using a standard model is the build up of food waste behind the press plate. This mounts up over time and cleaning is a task that nobody wants to complete. If cleaning is not carried out on a regular basis, the results can include rotting of the hydraulic hoses and possible damage to the ram. The self-cleaning compactor does not require cleaning behind the press plate therefore eliminating the build-up of waste.

Our self-cleaning compactors are also completely sealed as standard, this helps to eliminate any leaks and therefore reduces odours and vermin visitors.

Key Features:

  • No access point required
  • No cleaning behind the press plate
  • No leaking from the compactor
  • A guaranteed leak-proof machine
  • Increased saving from efficient liquid drain off
  • Reduced weight to landfill

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