Compactors for Cardboard

Recycling vertical balers, shop floor picture.

Compactors for Cardboard

Today we come to understand the term ‘recycling’ as a buzzword. Today we are investigating compactors for cardboard, their benefits for business and the environment. Look out for some great top tips on why you should a machine and factors to consider when researching.

What is a cardboard baler?

Often used within companies managing large amounts of waste material, a cardboard baler is a machine which compresses cardboard into bales, ready for sale and recycling. They are often found in large establishments such as manufacturing companies, retail environments, medical facilities, educational establishments and factories.

Ask yourself this;

How do you currently remove cardboard waste? What is your company’s policy and is it green? Could existing procedures be improved upon?

Why do you need a compactor for cardboard?

We’ve put together five of the best reasons as to why a compactor for cardboard will benefit your business

  • Less Pickups, Cheaper Costs: a Vertical baler compresses cardboard into manageable sized bales. These can be stored neatly until there’s enough ready for collection. Compacting waste removes all costs associated with waste removal and landfill. Additional cost reductions include forklift use and heating and cooling. 
  • Time Savings: Less focus on waste handling for landfill and other methods mean higher company productivity. Cardboard compactors allow team members to continue with the tasks that drive a business forwards. 
  • Cleaner Environment: Compressed bales mean less waste in the workplace. This is more beneficial to the workplace and also reduced any risk of infestations. 
  • Reduced Risk & Increased Safety: By using a compactor for cardboard you are also reducing a fire hazard. Additional health and safety perks include less trips and falls due to a cluttered environment and theft. 
  • Revenue Stream: Selling baled cardboard actually sells at a good cost. In fact, it will sell at a premium in market places where demand is high.

Could your company cope with additional revenue?

This is something we discuss constantly at Greenbank Waste Solutions. It’s quite often a topic of conversation when visiting potential clients. There are so many environmental benefits of a cardboard compactor and many don’t seem to realise the financial gains also. Have a think about the above question, although we’re confident we already know your answer.

Your recycling policy;

According to a report from November 2018, the majority of UK companies don’t have a recycling policy. As recycling continues to be involved in high profile government debates and the media, your business will benefit in many other ways apart from those already listed.

Let’s investigate;

  • A strong recycling policy will set you apart from competitors
  • Customers are more likely to purchase from you knowing your company is aware of the environment
  • You can create a marketing strategy that links in with with corporate social responsibility.

Are cardboard balers making waves in terms of the environment?

Yes, they absolutely are. It’s estimated that 65% of cardboard waste is now being recycled each and every year. What if this was 75%? 85%? 100%? Increasing the percentage is certainly achievable, should more companies get involved and look into compactors for cardboard.

Choosing the right baler;

Before making a decision, it’s important to do some research into the correct machine for specific requirements. What are the quantities of cardboard waste you’re currently dealing with and what’s the quality? It’s also good to consider whether or not the collection of bales will disrupt existing business operations and if so, how this can be minimised.

Baler Size: Consider the size and volume of cardboard. This will ultimately determine the correct baler for you.

Machine Space: Do you have enough space to comfortably accommodate a machine?

Manpower: How much time can you spare for attending to the machine and how many people will be required for operation?

Let’s look at some specifics;

Small Vertical Balers: Perfect for compacting cardboard where space is an issue. These slimline machines produce recyclable bales between 30 and 60kg whilst offering a nice low footprint. Variations on design depend on the nature of an industry and can be made bespoke.

Medium Vertical Balers: Suitable for larger retail outlets, medium machines will naturally handle more waste than the smaller options. Bales weigh between 200 and 300kg but remember, these have to be effectively stored somewhere prior to pickup.

Large Vertical Balers: Ideal for use within larger department stores, the manufacturing industry, warehouses and recycling centres, these machines are bigger in size and will handle huge amounts of cardboard waste. Offering a superior press force, bales weight between 275 and 600kg.

It’s safe to say that compacting cardboard holds many benefits and even pay for themselves. With government rules become more strict in terms of cross contamination when recycling, a vertical baler is ideal. Companies save time, effort and money whilst enjoying the benefits of an additional revenue stream.

Begin your journey today and let’s increase that percentage of people recycling cardboard, further. Get in touch with our team today for a free waste audit.

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