In demand waste equipment accessories

staff member Romie

In demand waste equipment accessories

Greenbank has been providing waste equipment accessories for over twenty years, there’s not much that we don’t know! Romie Johnston, Greenbank’s accessory manager, talks us through some of our most popular waste equipment accessories.

1. Polypropylene baling twine (OP8020)

Polypropylene baling twine is generally used for our small and middle range balers, as you probably imagine it is stocked in green and white.

2. Coloured 9mm strapping

Coloured baler strapping is useful for any company or industry that has multiple balers on site. In particular, food manufacturers and warehouse distribution centres benefit from its many advantages. Find out more

3. Stuffer Frames

Stuffer frames are metal frames that hold sacks for waste. Designed to be lightweight and moveable, they can be placed at the source of waste for easy separation of materials. These materials can then be baled and sold to recyclers to generate extra income. The frames themselves are available in two sizes, suitable for 240 and 400 litre sacks. Find out more

4. Cut & Looped baling wire

This wire is galvanised as standard, to ensure cleaner use. We stock various lengths to suit all requirements. Our baling wire is supplied in 12.5kg bundles, to ensure safer handling.

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