Have You Ever Considered Using Coloured Baler Strapping?

Coloured baler strapping

Have You Ever Considered Using Coloured Baler Strapping?

Also known as baling tape or bale press strap, baler strapping is essential for compacting bales or awkward loads, so we know how important they are for your business needs.

Greenbank’s coloured baler strapping is useful for any company that has multiple balers on site. It allows users to easily separate and identify where bales have come from.

As strong and secure as ever, coloured strapping offers extra benefits:

  • Coloured baler strapping allows for easy monitoring and regulation.
  • If contamination does occur, coloured strapping makes it incredibly easy to identify which machine the bale came from and correct any problems.
  • Contamination issues can be resolved quickly. If any wrong material is used, the baler it came from is easily identified.
  • Companies can opt to use one colour for each type of waste, allowing easy separation for recyclers.

At Greenbank, we not only provide top of the line balers and compactors, but we also offer coloured strapping that works with all balers and is available in 9mm, 13mm and 19mm widths.

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