Fully automatic balers are a favourite amongst sizeable organisations who produce large volumes of waste, due to how simple they are to operate and how efficient they are in saving your staff time. On top of that, they offer an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through bale rebates.

There are two types of fully automatic balers:

  1. Compact Fully Automatic BalerIdeal for companies that produce large volumes of waste but have limited space to facilitate a baler.
  2. High Volume Channel BalersBest for businesses with high volume operations, these balers benefit from having short channels which save on the required floor space.

Fully automatic balers are ideal for businesses looking to reduce staff hours spent on waste management as they are low-maintenance and do the majority of the work automatically – these balers turn themselves on, generate the bale and even tie it off, ready for your staff to collect the finished bale.

All of the balers in our fully automatic series are configurable; they may be outfitted with extras like bin lifters or bin tippers, saving your workers even more time and making the balers even easier to operate.
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Compact Fully Automatic Baler

Our range of compact fully automatic balers are a great option for companies who wish to optimise their waste management processes but have limited space available for machinery. These automatic balers require minimum input from your team - they simply have to load it via one of the available methods (hand, conveyor or air system) and then remove the finished bale from the machine's output; everything else is handled by the machine itself.

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High volume channel balers

Greenbank’s high volume channel balers are a user friendly and cost effective solution for your waste management needs. These fully automatic balers are most suitable for shredded paper, cardboard, packaging and other common recyclable materials. Featuring intelligent software, this baler guarantees high quality bales even when the material is frequently changed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a fully automatic baler?

    Fully automatic balers are machines that compact recyclable materials, such as cardboard or paper, into high-density bales in order to decrease the amount of storage space needed, reduce transportation costs and gain the ability to sell the bales to generate additional income.

    They are labeled fully automatic because they handle the majority of the baling process with minimal input from a human being, this includes tying off the bale with baler wire.

  • What are the advantages of a fully automatic baler?

    Automatic balers offer several advantages when compared with other baler types, these include:

    • They handle the majority of the baling process automatically, so the only input from your staff is to load the baler with the recyclable materials and then to collect the already tied off bale at the end. This results in huge staff time savings compared to other balers which require operatives to start the baler, eject the bale and tie it off themselves.
    • They are fully customisable and can be fitted with bin lifts or bin tippers.
    • Larger amounts of waste can be dealt with efficiently.
  • What size bales do these produce?

    Our range of compact fully-auto balers produce bale sizes of between 400 kg and 600 kg depending on the model and material baled. Whereas, our high volume channel balers produce a bale size of between 320 kg and 720kg, again depending on the model and material.

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