Medium Fully Automatic Balers

Medium sized fully automatic balers are designed to handle large volumes of waste – the models found in this category, such as the HPK 1100/50 are capable of producing 550kg bales all day long.

These balers are ideal for businesses who produce large amounts of waste and wish to automate the process, thereby saving their employees time and allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks.

They are low maintenance and require minimal input from your employees – simply load the waste into the baler and then remove the finished bales from the end of the machine. The baler itself will automatically sense when to turn on, produce the bale and tie it off at the end.

All of the balers in our fully automatic range are customisable – they can be fitted with extras such as bin lifters or bin tippers which will further boost your staff time savings and make the balers even easier to use.

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HPK 1100/50 Fully Automatic Channel Baler

HPK 1100/50 Fully Automatic Channel Baler

The HPK 1100/50 fully automatic baler is best suited for businesses that produce high volumes of recyclable waste. Featuring a push needle, automatic binding system, this baler offers a compact design and minimum baler wire consumption. It’s designed to make heavy duty bales for maximum payloads – it produces ergonomically sized bales which efficiently stack in containers and trucks.

A range of loading options is available including handload, forklift and conveyor infeed.

Space required – 11.7m by 2.95m
Feeding Opening – 1.6m by 1.05m
Compaction force – 500 kN
Bale Weight – 550kg
Materials – Cardboard, paper & plastic

  • Reduce your overall business waste up to 90%.
  • Increase profits from selling your waste materials.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Improve on-site safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For how long can a medium full-auto baler run?

    Our medium sized fully automatic balers can run up to 12 hours per day – more than enough to handle large volumes of waste.

  • What materials can be baled with a medium sized fully automatic baler?

    Recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic are all compatible with our medium sized balers, as well as more complex materials such as PET and HDPE.

  • What is the footprint of these balers?

    The footprint of a fully automatic baler will depend on the specific model and which loading option you choose to utilise, for example, the HPK 1100/50 baler requires a space of at least 11.7m by 2.95m – this gives it a footprint of 34 square metres.

  • How much power does a mid sized fully automatic baler require?

    Models such as the HPK 1100-50 channel baler have demand controlled axial piston pumps which help to reduce the balers power consumption. This baler would require the following electrical power supply: 3 L / N / PE; 400 V, 50 Hz

  • How much maintenance is required for a medium sized fully automatic baler?

    These balers do not require much maintenance but there are some daily tasks that you would need to perform to keep it in top shape. During the installation, we will provide you with a manual that contains a daily checklist and we’ll walk you through it to ensure that you’re performing all tasks correctly. A baler servicing plan is also recommended – it offers regular preventative maintenance, oil changes and certificates of inspection.