Small Fully Automatic Balers

Small fully-automatic balers are ideal for smaller companies or those which produce lower volumes of waste. These balers are compact, models such as the CC40V come in at under 6 metres long, and are capable of producing high-density bales all day long.

These balers are great for businesses who wish to automate their waste management processes in order to save their staff time, instead allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

They are low-maintenance and demand little effort from your staff; it’s as simple as loading the recyclable waste, whether it be cardboard, plastic or paper into the baler and collecting the finished bales from the machine’s end. The baler is capable of detecting when to switch itself on, generating the bale, and tying it off at the end – ready for you to collect at the end of the day.

All of the balers in our fully automatic line are customisable; they may be equipped with additions like bin lifters or bin tippers, which will save your workers even more time and make the balers even easier to use.

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CC40V Fully Automatic Baler Plastic, Paper & Cardboard

CC40V Fully Automatic Baler Plastic, Paper & Cardboard

The CC40V Fully Automatic Baler is best suited for businesses that want to improve their waste management processes but have limited space on their premises. Including the run-off table, the CC40V only requires 17.6 square metres of space, making it one of the most compact fully automatic balers on the market.

This baler produces high-density bales from a range of materials including cardboard, paper and plastics.

Space required – 5.6m by 3.15m
Feeding Opening – 1.08m by 1.1m
Compaction force – 400 kN
Bale Weight – 400kg
Materials – Cardboard, paper & plastic

  • Reduce your overall business waste up to 90%.
  • Increase profits from selling your waste materials.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Improve on-site safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What materials can be baled using small automatic balers?

    These balers are capable of baling recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic. They are also fully capable of handing PET bottles, but for lower quantities we would recommend checking out our range of X series vertical balers.

  • What is the maximum bale weight that a small automatic baler can produce?

    Most of the smaller automatic balers, such as the CC40V, will produce bales with a weight of around 400 kg.

    Looking for larger bales? Have a look at our medium and larger sized automatic balers capable of producing maximum bale weights of 500kg – 600kg.

  • What are the baling cycle times for these balers?

    Smaller automatic balers often have cycle times of between 30 and 40 seconds. The CC40V, for example, has a cycle time of 34 seconds.

  • How easy are they to operate?

    These balers are incredibly easy to operate and require very little attention from your staff. It’s as simple as loading the materials into the baler and then collecting the bale after it’s finished. The machine will turn itself on when it senses that it has been loaded and will bale the material. Models such as the CC40V also benefit from having a touch panel PLC system that enables you to set important parameters with ease.