Greenbank has over 280 years’ experience within the waste management industry. We pride ourselves on our fantastic employees, our great range of quality products and the after-sales service we provide to our customers.

Talented employees are hard to come by and even harder to retain, with an employee turnover rate of 0% Greenbank must be doing something right. We asked several of our employees what made them happy and here are the results.


Each Monday morning the Greenbank team gather to evaluate the week previous and plan for the week ahead. If the findings show that an individual may be struggling slightly, the full team provide support and a viable solution.

“When I first joined Greenbank, I was overwhelmed by the support I received from the team, even now we do things for each other without question. It’s a real team effort.”

Murray Johnson


Each director works alongside the team at Greenbank, each specialising in a different department. Micro management is something that is avoided at all costs, they put their trust in each employee to fulfill their role to the maximum potential.

“When you walk into the Greenbank office, you instantly feel at ease the atmosphere is very relaxed, it’s a great working environment. It may not work for every company, but it definitely works here”.

Rose Jones


Every Friday, each employee fills out a dinner form for the following week, fresh food is then delivered every day. The cost is picked up by Greenbank.

“Getting your dinner delivered each day free of charge is a real advantage, it’s practically unheard of in other companies. It’s obvious that the directors care about the well-being of staff members, they’ve even built a gym for us for when we’ve had too many pasties!”

Jamie Taylor


“For each task that’s completed, no matter how large or small its appreciated. Appreciation, in my opinion, is better than any monetary perks. Often staying five, ten or fifteen minutes after your finishing time is the norm in most businesses, but here at Greenbank you are encouraged to leave on time. If you do stay back you are thanked, it’s lovely.”

Laura Mohan


With our service engineers being on the road, it’s harder to include them in the daily fun aspects of Greenbank but we do try our hardest. They are involved within each email string, they attend employee of the month whenever possible and visit the office whenever they are local to say hello!

“Recently an ice cream van attended our HQ with being out the road we thought we were going to miss out but we were encouraged to purchase an ice cream and put it on expenses. It’s nice to still feel included even if you don’t take up the opportunity.”

Will Bennett


We recently provided employees with new tailored shirts, to go alongside their suits.

“In most office environments, you are encouraged to dress smart but receive no help to fund the clothing, we each received an allowance to go out and buy a couple of suits. Many customers compliment our dress code, as within our industry its often avoided. We feel as if it gives us an extra degree of professionalism.”

Phil Jones

Family feel

“Although Greenbank is a family owned business, you would never know. Each employee at Greenbank is considered part of the family, we are all there for one another. It’s a great feeling coming to work and being surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with.”

Nicola Jackson

Client relationships

At Greenbank we pride ourselves on providing great relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees.

“Working in the customer service department I deal with a variety of people from our field engineers, to suppliers and most often our clients. I’d like to say that I have built great relationships with the majority of Greenbank’s clients, with some even donating football tickets for the team to enjoy.”

Elliot Graham

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