Greenbank Production At Maximum Capacity As Cobalt Sales Increase

Warehouse floor filled with polystyrene compactors

Greenbank Production At Maximum Capacity As Cobalt Sales Increase

Greenbank Recycling Solutions, the Middlesbrough-based waste equipment manufacturer and supplier, has invested £400,000 into specialist polystyrene recycling machines to meet increasing demand.

Over the last six months, Greenbank has invested heavily into the innovation of its Cobalt range, a collection of polystyrene recycling equipment. The equipment allows polystyrene to be recycled for reuse and therefore diverted from landfill.

Steven Evershed, Technical Director at Greenbank, said “ Investing in innovation is essential for optimising our business and enabling us to meet demand for our growing client base. The improvements we’ve made have been well received by customers, hence the capacity of our Middlesbrough workshop. 

The new developments allow for remote monitoring, enabling clients to track how their polystyrene machines are performing from their desktops. Greenbank’s engineers are able to login to the machine remotely to adjust the machine to the customers requirements. 

Robin Evershed, Sales Director at Greenbank Recycling Solutions, “ We are working with a number of companies to increase the awareness of polystyrene recycling, many people think that you can’t recycle polystyrene however with the correct machinery you can.”

“Over 15% of our Cobalt enquiries come from the general public who are concerned about their polystyrene waste ending up in landfill sites across the UK. It’s great to see an increase in the number of companies committing to increase their sustainability goals with the use of Cobalt recycling equipment. ” 

Polystyrene Recycling and Beyond: Improving Your Entire Waste Management Process

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