Handling Food Industry Waste Management Effectively

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Handling Food Industry Waste Management Effectively

The food industry is no exception when it comes to competent waste management solutions. Canteens, restaurants, schools, medical facilities and many other facilities collectively throw away tonnes of food waste each and every year. Today we are looking deeper into the food industry waste management processes and investigating the benefits of self-cleaning compactors.

Let’s start by explaining what exactly a self-cleaning compactor is;

Quite simply, a self cleaning compactor does not require any cleaning whatsoever behind the press plate. This portable machine provides a fillable void behind the press plate.

Environments dealing with food on a daily basis tend to be busy with staff members constantly on the go. Having to down tools in order to clean a compactor is not an ideal situation when there are hungry customers waiting to be fed.

What are the benefits of using a self-cleaning compactor in the food industry? 

There are five main benefits attached to these machines and we are going to highlight them today.

Number 1: Reduction of Waste Production

Within every sector of the food industry there are specific rules and regulations pertaining to the disposal of food waste. Taking a large restaurant as an example, we can surmise plenty of leftover food to get rid of throughout the day. There are a number of contributing factors here including portion sizes and customers leaving excessive amounts of waste. No matter the reason it has to be disposed of in someway. Adding food to the general waste increases volumes ready for landfill, therefore increasing carbon footprint. A self-cleaning compactor breaks down food and liquids into much smaller amounts whilst segregating it from mainstream rubbish.

Number 2: Time Saving

Regular bins are not supposed to be stored in the same area where food is prepared. A portable, self cleaning compactor can be placed where necessary and moved to suit thus reducing trips to the main bin. 

Number 3: More Environmentally Friendly Restaurants

Today, many customers will investigate how environmentally many of the products and services they purchase, are. The food industry is no exception. Restaurants are given the opportunity to further help the environment and with less waste going to landfill both the air and land will benefit over time.

Number 4: Better Recycling Processes

The use of green cleaning products, locally sourced non-GMO meats are just a couple of factors numerous restaurants take into consideration today. Because a self-cleaning compactor breaks down food waste it becomes easier and quicker to complete the composting process. This type of food waste can specifically be labelled as ‘green’.

Number 5: Pest Control

Everyone in the food industry will fully understand pest issues in terms of waste. Bins can be raided and bin bags torn through resulting in easy invitations for pests to return. Results can include pests getting into a premises before leaving droppings and spreading disease. This is a one way ticket to a shut down. This can be avoided with a self-cleaning compactor fitted with a secure locking mechanism. Due to its robust build, pests will not be able to enter or indeed smell the waste food.

Self cleaning compactors in the food industry are ideal for increasing cleanliness and carbon footprint whilst saving time and keeping out the pests. Could this be a useful machine for you?

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