How Can Coloured Baler Strapping Work For Me?

Coloured Strapping

How Can Coloured Baler Strapping Work For Me?

Some sites can operate with several balers, such as vertical or static versions. Now, working with several balers will offer greater amounts of waste baling potential, but it can be confusing keeping up with multiple balers and waste streams. 

To overcome that challenge, you can use coloured baler strapping. Let’s investigate. 

What Does Coloured Baler Strapping Provide?

You’re probably familiar with the routine of adding strapping to your baler. If you have several balers on-site, coloured strapping could make life much easier, improving your waste management plan. Using it offers many benefits:

  • Bale separation and classification is much easier.
  • Bales can be easily identified for which machine they came from.
  • Contamination from other waste streams can be easily identified and avoided.
  • Coloured strapping allows for accountability, as you can identify which team or machine produces which bales.
  • It increases traceability so you can track where bales have come from.

To discover more about vertical balers, read our blog here.

Who Does It Work For?

Coloured baler strapping is useful for any company or industry that has multiple balers on-site. In particular, food manufacturers and warehouse distribution centres benefit from its many advantages. Several distinct colours are available, including green, yellow and white.

Coloured Baler Strapping for Easy Monitoring

Coloured baler strapping allows for easy monitoring and regulation. If contamination does occur, coloured strapping makes it incredibly easy to identify which machine the bale came from and correct any problems.

Companies can opt to use one colour for each type of waste, allowing easy separation for recyclers. Even after bales are sold on, the coloured strapping allows them to be traced back to the machine they came from.

Our coloured strapping is as strong and secure as ever. It works with all balers and is available in 9mm, 13mm and 19mm widths. We have several different colours available so users can allocate a different colour to each baler.

If you’re curious about our baler options, click the link below to see more on our models.

Discover More About Vertical Balers

From our different vertical baler options to each of their specifications, our brochure will help inform you on the potential benefits you set to gain when investing in a vertical baler for your waste management process.

Just click the link below for your free copy.

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