How Compact can an Automatic Baler be?

How spacious is your waste storage area?

How Compact can an Automatic Baler be?

Do you currently produce a high amount of recyclable material? Are you struggling to fit a compact machine into an already packed work space? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, we can help. At Greenbank Waste Solutions we offer something called the compact channel baler and it could just be exactly what you are looking for. This space saver will save time and money and it’s easy to use.

A standard automatic channel baler is around eight or nine metres long. Greenbank’s compact machine measures under 5 metres including the run off bale. Let’s take a look at what this machine offers:

Features and Benefits

• The compact design is achieved through the use of a push-needle, automatic binding system and the special position of the hydraulic cylinders

• The plunger works silently due to the fact that it runs in low-wear, adjustable polyamide guides on all sides

• A continuously high bale quality is achieved by a system of blade and counter-blade

• The baler uses a low quantity of binding wire or PVC binding strap

• A touch panel PLC system makes the unit user friendly, enabling important parameters to be set with ease

• It is available with either automatic or manual binding function

• It comes in a choice of colours, using lead and chromium-free paint.

To find out more about this cost-effective solution, contact us today.

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