How Maserati Made Waste Cost Less

How Maserati made their waste cost less

How Maserati Made Waste Cost Less

The Italian car manufacturer has improved waste handling and reduced their costs drastically – how did they do it?

Maserati is legendary for its cutting edge engineering and production of exclusive, hand-crafted cars. Activity is booming at its Modena factory – and that means a considerable amount of cardboard and bubble wrap packaging is removed from around the production line.

Manufacturers this size usually have exceptionally high volumes of waste products to contend with. And for many companies a lot of waste means a lot of time and money spent dealing with it. But not for Maserati. The Italian manufacturer has worked closely with its waste solutions company to make waste cost less and reduce the amount of labour involved with the waste management process.

By installing four Bramidan balers, Maserati staff can now compact waste at the source – allowing the company to tidy up the factory floor, optimise workflow and considerably reduce the number of waste collections.

Using balers effectively

Providers like Greenbank advise on getting the most from your waste management process. We help identify the key areas to place machinery so that staff involvement is minimised and their time can be reallocated to other important tasks.

Effective use of waste equipment offers many advantages:

  • Improve site logistics
  • Benefit from a more organised and cleaner floor
  • Optimise workflow
  • Reduce labour needed in waste management processes
  • Redirect staff time to other processes
  • Fewer waste collections needed
  • Reduced waste handling costs

The results

For Maserati, speed and simplicity are key benefits. The balers are easy to use and don’t take up any factory workers’ time.

Today, cardboard and bubble wrap are baled and thrown into a container outside the factory. Daily waste collections have been reduced, generating savings on transport costs and making the factory more environmentally friendly. Waste collections have been reduced from six to one.

Once compacted, the plastic and cardboard waste is also higher in value and can be sold to recyclers to generate extra income.

“We have generated many benefits: the assembly lines are tidier and cleaner, and our workflow is more efficient due to faster and easier waste handling. We’ve also saved costs on equipment, as our waste collector now only provides one container that holds 40% more waste.”

Maddalena Spagna, Environmental Specialist

Make balers work for you

If your company produces a lot of waste products, speak to us and we’ll help you put a plan in place to reduce costs, tidy up your site and improve logistics.

We offer a range of machinery including semi-automatic and fully automatic balers. All Bramidan vertical balers meet the high European Safety standard EN16500. We have a wide range from small stockroom balers to heavy-duty balers. If you already have machinery but it’s not effective, speak to us about upgrades.

We also advise clients on how to sell waste to recyclers to generate extra revenue.

Greenbank are a supplier of Bramidan balers throughout the UK and Ireland. We work closely with Bramidan to bring our customers the best products to make waste cost less.

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