How Spacious Is Your Waste Storage Area?

CC40V Greenbank

How Spacious Is Your Waste Storage Area?

If you produce a high amount of recyclable material but don’t have a lot of space for a compact machine, at Greenbank we have the perfect solution for you. Our fully automatic baler could be just what you’re looking for and in today’s blog we are going to tell you a little more about it.

CC40 V

Standard automatic channel balers are around eight or nine metres long. If you are short on space then this is quite a large size to accommodate. Greenbank’s CC40V machine measures under 5 metres including the run off table. This reduction in size is certainly beneficial to some companies and we are going to show you how it compares to similar models.

As illustrated above, our standard automatic channel baler is significantly smaller than that of our competitors. Along with the size benefits this machine offers the same levels of performance through output per hour and bale size when comparing against other models.

HPK 750 H

Greenbank’s HPK 750 H fully automatic baler, is a side tying machine. In general, such machines take up more space due to the tying needles that are placed at the side of the machine. Greenbank’s HPK 750 H has a unique tying mechanism which doesn’t require needles as seen above. This is a further benefit of such a machine in terms of great space-saving attributes.

This machine is perfect for compacting delicate items such as shredded paper, tin cans and plastic bottles. Once in bales, your company could potentially make additional money through selling these accordingly.

Our compact range of balers are the perfect solution for warehouse facilities, distribution centres and manufacturing outlets.

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