With so much pressure on businesses to reduce costs, more and more are turning to waste management companies to make savings. In the past, waste management was thought of as a service in its own right, with no effect on other parts of the business. Modern companies however are realising how much their waste can impact operations and also the huge financial savings that can be made.

There are several ways smart waste management can impact your company’s operations whilst saving money on the bottom line. We’ll talk about some of the more popular ones here.

Saving money on waste management solutions

Use efficient machinery: when machinery is in full working order, it processes higher loads. Modern compactors and balers work using the same energy to process more waste. This makes them more economical to operate. When waste is compacted more effectively, fewer collections are needed and costs are reduced.

Refurbish inefficient machinery: you may have equipment that is still in working order, but isn’t as efficient as modern machinery. We can refurbish and update equipment so that it works more economically. We have our own workshop and qualified technicians who work hard to make equipment perform at its best. They are trained to make major improvements to machinery to increase efficiency so you don’t have to buy new. Regularly maintaining equipment also reduces the risk of breakdowns and any resulting downtime. There are many upgrade and maintenance jobs that our engineers can carry out on site. Speak to us to see how we can make your equipment more efficient and economical.

Use quality machinery: we sell some of the best compactor brands in the world. Better compactors reduce waste volume. This results in fewer collections. As a knock on effect there are less trucks on the road thus saving you money and reducing carbon emissions.

Recycle more materials: recyclers will pay you for used materials. Plastics, cardboard waste and other materials all have earning potential. Recycle more of your materials and over the course of a year you’ll see a real difference to your bottom line. We can advise on what materials can be recycled and the amount you can expect to be paid for them. Our cardboard balers continue to prove most sought after and we can advise you on these accordingly.

Use waste backhauling: multi-branch organisations can use waste backhauling to maximise their recycling revenue. Backhauling involves taking waste materials from branches back to a central point. From here it is sorted and sold as recyclables, earning you money. Backhauling also has the advantages of minimising waste to landfill. Often there is zero to landfill and this reduces your carbon footprint. Backhauling is relatively simple. Let your waste management company look after the logistics and you will soon experience the financial benefits.

Use the C’Bizz system: if you have tenants, use the C’Bizz system. This is an electronic system attached to your compactor. It allows waste to be weighed as tenants add to it. Each tenant has their own key so they can keep track of their usage. As a landlord you receive all the data. You can then invoice tenants for their waste based on how much they actually use. C’Bizz means less hassle for you, and fairer costs for your tenants.

Use an information system for accurate tracking: we recommend Pulse Assurance. This is a full information system providing details in real time to both your office and ours. We can see your usage levels, meaning we make collections only when required. It also alerts us to breakdowns so we can arrange for repairs without you spending any time on the phone. Pulse Assurance saves you money and reduces the amount of staff time spent dealing with waste management.

Get a service plan that works for you: a full service plan covers the cost of parts, labour and call outs. We have four levels available, from a basic economy plan to full coverage. Having an agreed service plan could save plenty of time and money in the long run. If you were to experience a breakdown, having a plan in place could see you getting an engineer out within 6 hours, minimising downtime and loss of productivity. Speak to us to see what type of service plan would work best for you.

Ask for a site audit: site audits and regular reviews make sure your waste management processes are as efficient as they could be. A good waste management company will be happy to visit your site and see if there are any improvements that could be made to streamline processes and save you money. A site audit will also look for ways to save staff time to maximise productivity.

The above points offers a snapshot of how you can make waste cost less. It all begins with a call to your waste management company. They will help you work smarter and take care of the logistics. If you would like to save money on your waste management, contact us to see how we can help you get started.

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