How We Saved BT 89% on their Waste Handling Costs

Our Client: BT

How We Saved BT 89% on their Waste Handling Costs

BT’s Waste Problem

BT approached us earlier this year because they needed a complete waste removal solution. As it stood, their waste process involved several parties and the process was very inefficient. BT were incurring very high costs for waste removal, and were also being charged for the disposal of their cardboard recyclables.

What we did

Greenbank spent some time analysing how BT’s waste was handled. We spoke to the person in charge of waste and carried out a free site visit so that we could see the waste removal process in action and make recommendations to improve it.

We found that the processes and collection times could both be improved. We did a cost analysis to show how we could improve things, and BT were correct in thinking that having a streamlined waste solution would make their process more integrated and save them money.

The Greenbank solution

We streamlined BT’s waste removal process by installing cardboard balers at the source of waste production. This reduced travel time and the amount of time staff spent handling waste. The handling jobs that used to require five people now only require one.

We also showed BT how their waste cardboard could be sent to recycling centres, who pay for materials they can use. BT now enjoy a good revenue from waste products that were previously costing them money to have removed.

Most importantly of all, Greenbank saved BT an incredible 89% on their waste handling costs.

The results

  • Huge savings on staff time spent dealing with waste
  • The waste handling process that used to require five staff now only requires one
  • BT now enjoys a revenue stream from recycling its waste cardboard
  • Much easier logistics as Greenbank is the sole waste removal provider
  • Massive 89% saving on previous waste handling costs

The images below show BT’s site before and after. Originally staff had to put waste onto pallets before moving them to a waste site. Now, we have installed balers at the source so staff time is greatly reduced.

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