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Innovation At Its Best

Innovation is at the heart of our Cobalt brand, we are constantly evolving to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.  We’ve recently made significant modifications to our range of polystyrene compactors

The SC1100 polystyrene compactor is an entry level machine, with a throughput of up to 20 kilos per hour. The open hopper has been designed for continuous loading, no need to stop and start! In regards to electricity, this compactor benefits from a single phase power supply. Plug in and play. 

Both the SC2100 & SC3100 polystyrene compactors benefit from a remote monitoring system, this provides key information such as number of compacted blocks created per hour, per day and per month! Greenbank can also login to the machine to check pressures etc, this reduces downtime as the operational settings can be altered from our Greenbank office. 

The SC3100 allows for high payloads of upto 24 tonnes per artic trailer, compacted polystyrene is ejected as a dense square block which can be stacked easily on a pallet. To make this process as efficient as possible, we have also designed an optional block cutter to create uniformed pallets. 

All models are now powder coated as standard to ensure maximum longevity. This provides further protection against salt water and rust, we also offer all three models in a galvanised version for full protection. 

The hopper design of all three models allows for continuous feeding, there’s no need stop stop at start! In particular, the SC3100 can handle a throughput of upto 220kg per hour, which is realistically as fast as an operation can feed it.

Still have some questions? You can see our polystyrene compactors in action HERE or contact one our technical advisers HERE

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