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Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment

Make the most of your equipment with our intelligent monitoring solution. We call it BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. With BRA-IN you can make faster and better decisions, reducing your costs of operation while minimizing your impact on the environment.

What is BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence?

In our business BRA-IN is short for Bramidan Intelligence, and a collective name for our special developed IOT system. This links all connected compaction equipment with IT systems, providing you with a 360 degree view of your equipment minimizing direct and indirect waste handling costs over time.

Whether you only have few balers and compactors, or an entire fleet of machines, our monitoring solution will give you valuable benefits of efficiency. This helps you with:


  • Data collection – of fill levels, bales ready for collection, equipment errors etc.
  • Visualization – follow performance and location of machines.
  • Interaction – with your machines, via relevant notifications to you or service partners.

The BRA-IN system helps us to optimize and minimize daily transports of waste. Typically, this means a saving for our customers on transport of between 15-20% compared to older equipment.

— Bent Pedersen, Chief buyer at Stena Recycling, Denmark

How to get started with BRA-IN?

Our BRA-IN solution requires a connection via modem and an active subscription to collect data and connect with your baler or compactor. This can be integrated on equipment, purchased separately or supplied as a part of your service program.

Notifications and automated services can be activated by the local service team, and data visualized in the BRA-IN webportal.

Which machines can be connected and how?

Take advantage of our full BRA-IN ecosystem, whether you buy new balers and compactors from us or you want your old equipment updated. Once connected, an active subscription will give you access to the BRA-IN Webportal, with valuable data for your waste management.

Balers with BRA-IN Modem

Modems can be ordered installed from factory when you buy a baler, or installed after delivery on machines from 2012 and onwards.

Why should you get a machine with modem?

  • Lower service costs through remote access
  • Automated pick-up based on bales ready
  • Alerts for machine errors on e-mails
  • 4 levels of people for notifications possible
  • Automated consumables ordering possible
  • Remote change of equipment settings (by service technician)
Brochure - BRA-IN Modem

Mobile compactors with BRA-IN Control Unit

All new mobile compactors are supplied with a BRA-IN Control Unit as standard. This is a control and communication unit, which gives access to valuable data about your machines.

Your advantages:

  • Automate pick-ups depending on fill levels.
  • Reduced service costs due to remote support.
  • Better compaction via an optimum programme.
  • Anti-blockade programme minimizes false full messages.
  • Energy-saving function at low fill level.
  • Collection of full messages and other relevant production data.
Brochure - BRA-IN Control Unit

The BRA-IN web portal 3.0

When your equipment is connected via a BRA-IN branded product, you can access valuable data, helping you to monitor and optimize your waste handling. Most data can be exported easily to Excel for further analysis, but for more advanced options for data analysis feel free to contact us.

Getting access to the web portal enables you to see the following data for your connected equipment:

  • Location of equipment – viewable on map based on Google coordinates
  • Status of machines – for optimized service, allowing quick and remote service
  • Real-time fill levels – for route optimization of waste collections
  • Access to production data – directly on screen or via basic report features
Brochure - BRA-IN Webportal

Location of equipment

When your equipment has a BRA-IN modem installed, you can always find its location. Compactors need either a BRA-IN Control Unit or BRA-IN link to show you their location. Pointers on a map give an overview of your entire fleet by address or current GPS location.

Status of machines

See various information columns about your equipment including: fill levels, equipment errors, address, service contracts, age and unique ID numbers.

Real time and fill levels

Following the fill levels of your equipment is critical for efficient use. See the development over time in machine history to learn about usage patterns and pick-up validation by waste handlers. Everything can be exported to excel for your further analysis, or you can have our service team assist you with this task.

Output data

Matching pick-ups or bales produced are critical issues for making the most of your equipment. Learn how equipment is really used - and compare this with expenses from your waste handlers. Fully customizable view based on time, equipment, and the data you want to monitor – again everything ready to export to excel for in-depth analysis.

The BRA-IN App

When your equipment is connected via a BRA-IN branded product, you can access valuable data, helping you to monitor and optimize your waste handling. Access via the BRA-IN App* allows you to get access to many of the same elements as from the BRA-IN Webportal and more. Whether you are the user of a certain machine, or site administrator of multiple machines the App makes daily tasks easier for all.

  • Track production data for your machine
  • Easy access to manuals and how too videos
  • Direct call feature to service
  • Options for consumables ordering
  • Scan or add more machines by serial number

*The BRA-IN App is not yet available in all countries. Contact us to hear about your local possibilities.

Brochure - BRA-IN App

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