Introducing the Brand New CONNECT Range

Introducing the Brand New CONNECT Range

Greenbank has introduced CONNECT: an innovative range of tools to boost your operations and save money.

CONNECT Operations

Intelligent monitoring system

CONNECT Operations keeps an eye on your operational status, allowing you to make faster and better decisions and reduce your operational costs.

Operations’ intelligent fleet monitoring solution helps you make the most of your equipment. You get valuable access to data from your waste handling equipment and can monitor and optimise the operation of your entire fleet.

The system allows you to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Monitor machine status
  • Have total control of your fleet
  • Be alerted to any potential issues

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CONNECT Invoicing

Easy and fair invoicing for multiple tenants

CONNECT Invoicing is an intelligent weighing and invoicing system. It allows individual invoicing of waste volumes and is designed for use where several tenants share waste facilities, including shopping centres, airports and city centres.

With CONNECT Invoicing, you benefit from:

  • Fair invoicing for shared waste facilities
  • Intelligent weighing system
  • Auto-generated invoices
  • Secure access to individual usage stats

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CONNECT Intelligence

Real time information system

CONNECT Intelligence is designed to work with your machinery to increase efficiency. The software can be integrated with your compactor or baler, and gives real time feedback of vital statistics. Intelligence works for you in many ways:

  • Automatic machine monitoring and feedback
  • Full alerts sent to waste collector
  • Collates info and produces reports for managers

The smart system helps you maximise compactor payloads, minimise transport costs and increase profitability. It minimises lost time and gives instant feedback via email, SMS or fax.

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