Waste machinery is often overlooked in terms of maintenance, we often are aware that our machines could benefit from a little TLC, but when’s the best time to do so? If you are set to be operating at full capacity over the next few months and wish to prevent breakdowns and minimise downtime, a health check can be carried out on site.

We’re offering a full electrical, hydraulic and mechanical inspection of your machine, including a certificate of inspection – inline with PUWER regulations. The machinery health check includes a full safety inspection including all guarding and interlocks.  

We’ve put together a series of FAQ’s below, if you require any additional information please contact our service department on 01642 249924


Will a machine health check be classed as a service? Yes, this health check would be a thorough assessment of the machinery.

Can you complete a health check on non Greenbank equipment? Yes. Greenbank engineers are fully trained and competent to work on all brands of waste handling equipment.

Can I get more than one machine assessed?  Yes, please speak with a Greenbank service representative for further information.

How much does a Health Check cost?   Please speak with a Greenbank Representative for further information – 01642 249924

Does a health check include parts?  No, any further work identified is quoted separately and left entirely in your hands to make a decision.

When will I receive my certificate? Once the engineer’s paperwork has been processed internally, your certificate will be produced. Depending on your preference, this can be posted or sent electronically. 

Will this help me with H&S regulations / accreditation’s?  – Yes, this health check is an assessment governed by the PUWER Regulation 1998

When do I make payment?  Payment can be made either by Credit Card, BACS or on invoice (dependant on account status)

How soon can you carry out the inspection? We can organise a date and time that’s convenient for you. (Greenbank working hours (Monday – Friday 07:30am – 16:30pm)

How long will the inspection take? The inspection will take approximately 1 hour per machine

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