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At Greenbank we understand cardboard waste and how this builds up fast. With cardboard balers there is a focus on volume reduction. Our machines tackle waste into transportable blocks quickly and efficiently. Noise and carbon footprint are kept to a minimum with our cardboard balers.

Options include vertical, horizontal, multi chamber and X-Range balers. Straightforward to use, we provide advice and guidance with your choice for cardboard waste. The vertical baler comes equipped with space saving qualities and the majority include wide loading top openings, designed to make cardboard waste management easier. Our balers for cardboard are built to CE Standards and you can choose from manual and automatic loading systems. If you’re looking to create mill size bales, please ask about this today. We have specific machines designed for this purpose.

Customer feedback helped us design a portion of horizontal cardboard balers to include a side tie off system and hydraulic operated doors. We listen to our customers, opinions just as important as cardboard waste. Require something for retail waste management? We build machines to specification so if there’s something you need, tell us and we’ll investigate a solution.

Within our balers you will find different material settings, sirens and strobe lights, alerting operators of starting or becoming full. These useful factors are designed to make cardboard waste processes run more smoothly, in a timely manner and cost effectively. All our cardboard balers are designed to produce high-density bales, keeping handling costs low. With full stroke compaction, perfect bales are produced.

We continuously improve our balers to guarantee long product expectancy. Cardboard waste balers are the perfect solution for waste management. Get in touch today.

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“The waste handling process that used to require five staff now only requires one. BT now enjoys a revenue stream from recycling its waste cardboard. ”

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