Food Waste Management

Nasty odours, leaks and vermin are often associated with food waste management. At Greenbank Waste Solutions we help companies eliminate such problems.

If you are investigating better ways of handling your food waste management, we recommend viewing our range of self-cleaning compactors. Cleverly designed to solve the problems of liquid and food waste, our compactors make processes easier. They are more cost effective and save space in comparison to standard portable compactors. When using the latter, companies often experience a build up of old food behind the press plates. As this mounts up, the unfortunate results include rotting of the hydraulic hoses and possible damage to the ram. In the long term, this is going to cost money to put right and will also halt food waste management.

The self-cleaning compactor does not have this issue. Because it does not require cleaning behind the press plate there is no build-up of waste. This in itself makes your job easier from the start. There are no costly repairs required and a continuous flow of waste removal can continue.

At Greenbank we offer effective food waste management solutions and always meet the needs of each individual company. The process attached to self-cleaning compactors is efficient for you and team members. You will save space, time and money whilst adopting a much more environmentally friendly system. Working closely with our customers we have found solutions for companies right across the UK in a whole host of sectors.

When you first get in touch with our specialists we will discuss any current issues you’re experiencing and arrange a convenient time to come and visit you. Our aim is to determine the best way forwards in handling food waste management for your company. Our self-cleaning compactors are completely sealed as standard. This helps to eliminate leaks therefore reducing odours and unwanted visits from vermin. To discuss your food waste management needs in more detail, please speak to a member of our team today.

Key Features:

  • No access point required
  • No cleaning behind the press plate
  • No leaking from the compactor
  • A guaranteed leak-proof machine
  • Increased saving from efficient liquid drain off
  • Reduced weight to landfill
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