General Waste Management

When determining which compactor will provide the best solution, always consider the amount of food or liquid that will count towards your general waste management.

General waste management involves compaction. It is usual for waste to remain in the same spot for a long period of time. This can be a severe problem when liquids form part of your general waste, as leaking fluids generate bad odours and attract vermin visitors. We understand this process and have come up with a valuable solution.

Greenbank’s self-cleaning compactor comes with a self-cleaning compaction blade. This helps to avoid the problems that arise in standard portable compaction models including the accumulation of messy, sticky waste below and behind the press-blade. The self-cleaning compactor is also completely sealed as standard, resulting in no leaks. The benefits of using such a model for general waste management include a greener solution, less bad odours and no pests to worry about.

We offer clients different options based upon specific needs. The PCW8 for example, is a completely sealed, self-cleaning unit. Available with a drainage point if required, liquid can be efficiently controlled. The PCW8 reduces payload to landfill whilst enabling an increased volume of real waste for the compactor. Positive aspects of this model include the fact that no access point is required, no cleaning behind the press plate and it is a guaranteed leak-proof machine.

For companies requiring a larger machine, the PCW23 is bar far superior. With all of the features included as mentioned above, the biggest difference is in size and we are happy to discuss this with you in detail.

If you are looking for help with general waste management, we recommend speaking with our experts. Highly skilled in this industry we have a myriad of products and solutions that we base around your exact needs.

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