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At Greenbank we provide household waste compactors to councils to deal with household waste management. Our focus is on saving councils time, money and volume reduction. Perhaps our biggest focus surrounds carbon footprint and this is something we will discuss with you primarily. Ask us about household waste compactors today.

Our team of highly skilled experts are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the waste industry. Our purpose is to assess your needs based upon existing requirements and provide you with the best possible household waste compactor. Highly recommended for the job is the Wolfpak WP30. Ideal for councils, this portable compactor is easy to manoeuvre and has the ability to handle large amounts of household, recyclable waste. Once positioned on firm ground within a household recycling centre, the Wolfpak model allows for easy loading at ground access. As the public arrive with recycling, they will be able to place items in quickly, easily and without mess. The machine itself is at the perfect height for those getting rid and council workers who need to move rubbish from one area to the next.

At Greenbank we work with councils across the country, understanding their need for the right household waste compactors. Because our machines have a distinct focus on volume reduction, this means recycling centres become even greener. This is a huge plus for every council and something you can discuss in more detail with us. We will help determine the specific benefits of household waste compactors for your recycling centre.    

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“The waste handling process that used to require five staff now only requires one. BT now enjoys a revenue stream from recycling its waste cardboard. ”

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