Offensive Waste Management

Offensive Waste Management is tackled successfully with Greenbank’s self-cleaning, portable compactors.

Our specially modified self-cleaning machines are uniquely designed, complying with the high standards required by HSE and Environmental Health. We have all regulations covered. Compaction linked to offensive waste management in the healthcare sector has traditionally been avoided. This is due to the potential exposure of foul odours or bodily fluids. Ask today about the benefits of a bespoke mobile compaction unit.

A self-cleaning compactor is perfect for offensive waste management. The machine does not require cleaning behind the press plate and there are no areas where waste can build up. Further benefits include zero rotting and no strong odours. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of potential savings. Due to compaction, haulage frequency is reduced. This has a knock on effect to transportation which becomes less, resulting in carbon savings. Significantly less space is required on site for storage making offensive waste management a whole lot easier. Please ask us for more information.

Maintenance of compactors is important. The great news is, that our machines are self-cleaning. All offensive waste is compacted into a fully sealed unit keeping it leak and odour-proof. Waste is protected further by the addition of a proactive maintenance programme.

Potential Savings
  • Reduced haulage frequency for offensive waste management
  • Reduced transportation from site resulting in carbon savings
  • Significant reduction in the space required to store offensive waste on site
  • Full containment of offensive wastes within sealed containers
  • Eliminates the health and safety risks associated with manually moving wheeled bins and hand balling the offensive waste bags
  • Fully complaint with health and safety regulations
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