Greenbank offers polythene balers to assist your waste handling management. We have focused on continually improving the design and quality of our vertical, horizontal, multi chamber and X-range balers to satisfy customer needs.

We design all our balers to accommodate common concerns, such as noise pollution and carbon footprint, while ensuring each baler is manufactured to CE Standards. Our easy to install and operate polythene balers are available in many different sizes. When you need to consider space saving aspects, we offer single-phase compact or low height balers.

Polythene balers include features such as side tie off systems, other material settings, warning alerts and lights, cross cylinders, automatic doors, bale retainer hooks for easy transportation and much more depending on the baler model. Our polythene balers’ strong construction and design enable easy, reliable compression of everyday waste, maximising your company’s efficiency.

Transporting balers has never been so easy with our new polythene balers range, both manual and automatic wide loading systems make the process effortless, reducing the density of waste quickly and efficiently, thinking of your cost savings.

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“We have generated many benefits: the assembly lines are tidier and cleaner, and our workflow is more efficient due to faster and easier waste handling.”

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