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At Greenbank, we make Wood Waste Management easy for our clients. Read on to find out how we can help.

Small pieces of wood are usually easy to deal with when we need to get rid of them. However,  due to the size and weight of some pieces, the difficulty can set in. Wood waste management can prove problematic even when a dedicated individual is responsible for breaking it down. So as a company, where do you go from here? How can you convert wood waste management into a cost effective and timely exercise? Let’s find out.

As a company, we understand all of the issues attached to the management of waste. Breaking down wood into manageable sized pieces can be not only labour-intensive but a hazardous job also. Health and safety requirements should be in place with team members full trained in order to carry this task out safely and securely. At Greenbank we have a fantastic solution, making this job easier for your company to handle. Allow us to help you minimise transport costs up to 80% by compacting wood waste. But how can you achieve this?

We are proud to have designed an effective range of static screw compactors. Ideal for addition to wood waste management duties, they offer the best way to compact wooden boxes. These machines pre-crush material in the first instance. Due to this, you will achieve high capacity loading weights of up to 300kg compacted waste per m3. Euro pallets and wooden packing materials are no problem for our heavy duty screw compactor. So what are you waiting for? Make an enquiry by clicking the big green button below. Allow us to help with all of your wood waste management needs.

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