Gov UK classifies offensive waste as non-clinical and non-infectious waste that does not contain pharmaceutical or chemical substances – but may be unpleasant to anyone who comes into contact with it. This waste should be placed in a “tiger bag”. Tiger bags are used for non-infectious or offensive soft waste, including used PPE and uncontaminated dressings. In terms of appearance, they are yellow bags with one or more broad black stripes.

Offensive waste is a low risk to public health, therefore it doesn’t need to be transported as dangerous goods. The collection and disposal costs of offensive waste are considerably cheaper in comparison to clinical waste or other hazardous waste items.

Research published by Waste Management World – Weighing up the Cost of Medical Waste Disposal estimated that 40% of clinical waste disposed of by hospitals could be classified as other waste streams, including general and offensive waste. There is a huge opportunity for commercial savings to be made. Clinical waste disposal is far more expensive than offensive waste, with the correct segmentation in place there is potential to save an extreme amount of money. 

Greenbank’s self-cleaning portable waste compactors are the answer to offensive waste issues. These compactors have been designed to comply with the high standards required by HSE and Environmental Health.

The compaction of offensive healthcare waste has traditionally been avoided due to the potential exposure to foul odours or body fluids, using Greenbank’s bespoke mobile compaction unit the possible threat of exposure will not be an issue.

  • Reduced haulage frequency of offensive wastes
  • Reduced transportation from site resulting in carbon savings
  • Significant reduction in the space required to store offensive waste on site
  • Full containment of offensive wastes within sealed containers
  • Eliminates the health and safety risks associated with manually moving wheeled bins and handballing the offensive waste bags
  • Fully compliant with health and safety regulations

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