We exhibited at Edie Live earlier this month, and we have to say it was the best one yet! Edie Live is the leading energy, sustainability and resource efficiency exhibition in the UK. It brings together organisations and customers, offering advice, networking and business opportunities.

Greenbank hosted an exhibition stand, where we showcased the ways we help clients in all industries become more sustainable. We were very pleased to find such a great mix of companies attending. We spoke to many consultants as well as environmental, facilities and sustainability personnel. It was also great to see the number of students who attended – sustainability is such an important issue and hopefully the sustainable practices we are implementing now will be continued into the future.

We had a very busy two days, with lots of people approaching us to find out more about how we can make their organisation more sustainable. Lots of people seemed aware that we can make them more economical, but didn’t realise how much we can also reduce carbon emissions. It was surprising to many that sustainable waste management actually saves companies money. The question we were asked most was ‘How do you make waste cost less?’ and the answer is by smarter – and more sustainable – working!

We were very impressed that visitors understood the need for waste management companies such as ourselves to be more like a partner rather than an add on – the more closely we work together, the more opportunities we will uncover to increase sustainable working and reduce costs.


How your organisation can become more sustainable

We strongly believe in making working practices as sustainable as possible. We champion the benefits of sustainable working, and all the benefits that come from it.

Here are some of the ways we promote sustainable working for ourselves and our clients:

  • Working smarter – green waste management achieved by recycling more waste and promoting compactors with a higher capacity to reduce collections.
  • Reducing carbon emissions – by reducing the number of collections needed, there are fewer trucks on the road and less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
  • Promoting efficient equipment – we advise clients on replacing outdated or inefficient equipment with efficient new equipment.
  • Reusing equipment – we recondition and upgrade machinery so clients get efficient systems with minimum waste.
  • Promoting a circular economy – recycling and reusing where possible to minimise landfill waste.
  • Recycling and repurposing – we advise clients what materials can be recycled and discuss how we make the process easier for them.


Keep in touch

It was great to meet so many guests at Edie Live from national and international companies. Edie visitors said the two-day event was really useful, and commented on the diversity of products available.

We’re happy to have been part of such a worthwhile exhibition. We made plenty of connections with people we met and look forward to helping them implement sustainable waste management solutions in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who chatted to us for all the positive feedback – it’s great to hear that you think we’re really making a difference with our sustainable waste management.


Were you at Edie Live or do you have sustainability on your agenda? We’d love you to get in touch.

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