Last week we exhibited at RWM, the UK’s largest waste exhibition and efficiency event.

There was a great turnout and it was brilliant to see lots of visitors and exhibitors supporting the event. There was a big focus on sustainability and its growing importance in waste management. We showcased some of our machinery and showed how it can make companies more sustainable by saving them time and money, and also allowing them to send more waste to be recycled rather than to landfill.

It was great to be able to chat to people who are interested in waste and sustainability face to face. We were able to demonstrate how well placed waste solutions save companies thousands of pounds every day, as well as making their supply chain more sustainable.

We also promoted how we help customers sell their waste back to recyclers – including cardboard, polythene, polystyrene and more. Recycling centres pay money for these, which creates an extra revenue stream.


At the exhibition we showcased:

Some of our machinery, including balers and compactors. We showed visitors how the right equipment saves staff time and money.

Our self cleaning compactor – if you visited the exhibition you’ll have seen this outside. Our self cleaning compactor does exactly what it says on the tin, preventing waste leaking and building up, and the many problems that come with it. As a low maintenance option it is already proving very popular with clients in a range of industries.

Waste icebergs – yes, we were the people with the giant iceberg on their stand! Waste costs are like an iceberg, it’s what’s under the surface that does the damage. Every company has a waste iceberg, and we help people reduce theirs. We give all costs and details up front so that you have complete transparency. The amount we quote is what it will cost. We also show the benefits that come with our intelligently designed machines – saving staff time and labour, reducing costs long term and making your supply chain more sustainable, to name a few.


As well as the huge exhibition, RWM showcased lots of speakers from the top of their industry. There were some great talks and plenty of ideas around innovative ways of working.


Whatever sector you’re in, from retail to manufacturing, we have solutions that can save you money and make you more sustainable. If we met you at RWM, thank you for your time. Please connect with us on LinkedIn and stay in touch.


Cardboard balerWaste icebergSelf-cleaning compactor

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