Yesterday we had the pleasure of four students from Focus School York Campus visiting our office. The students are participating in a Young Enterprise Scheme, as part of their studies.

The scheme involves students creating a business idea, but unlike many other similar schemes, they must put the idea into action. Each business is required to elect a board of members, raise share capital from a panel of real investors (dragons den style) and create, sell and market their products.

Each business must then create a trade stand, complete a presentation on their business and produce a business report. Judges will then present awards for the business with the Best Presentation, Best Innovation and Best Trade Stand.

Whilst spending the day at Greenbank, the students learnt about the waste management industry, and utilised our industry experts to their full potential to figure out the potential gaps in the market.

Robin Evershed, Managing Director at Greenbank said: “The Young Enterprise Scheme is a fantastic idea, it develops students understanding of entrepreneurship and how businesses function along with promoting innovation. The scheme also gives students an increased understanding of career options when they leave school. We are excited to see which product the team decide on and we have been promised regular updates.”

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