Last month we completed a Greenbank Bake Off, Duncan Evershed was crowned the overall winner, with Adrian Saltmarsh in second position and Wayne Skelton securing third place.

Duncan decided that there couldn’t just be just three winners’ due to the amount of time and effort that individuals put into their bakes, he awarded a further six winners with a bottle of champagne. See his comments below!

Murray Johnston, was also awarded the worst tasting cake award and Kevin Saltmarsh, the biggest surprise award.

Phil’s scones – “traditional and tasty”

Jamie’s brownies – “Brownie, looked and tasted like a brownie, I was impressed”

Julie’s slimming world friendly cake – “healthy, it caught my attention”

Emily’s red velvet cake – “The sponge just melted”

Romie’s popcorn cake – “Perfection…..Presented great, it must be the only cake that I have been able to cut a slice and lift it out and it still stay perfectly in one piece.”

Becca’s cornflake cake – “Original, tasted great and that pastry was quality.”

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