Early information indicates that 7.9 million tonnes of packaging was recovered or recycled between January 2016 and January 2017, an increase from the 2015-16 figures.

LetsRecycle.com observed this trend from the monthly National Packaging Waste Database figures, and commented that it’s likely the obligation for 2016-17 has been met.

Monthly reporting was brought in as a voluntary tool by the Environment Agency in January 2016 to give more consistent feedback to the packaging recovery note (PRN) system, rather than organisations having to wait for quarterly data to be released.

The system allows reprocessors to enter the amount of packaging recovered or recycled up to 10 days after each month. The aim is to provide a more accurate forecast of which materials are likely to be over or under supplied on a monthly basis.

As monthly reporting is voluntary, the information does leave some room for error. But Let’s Recycle noticed an upward trend from the 2015-16 figures.

It appears companies are becoming committed to recycling or repurposing their waste materials. Many of Greenbank’s clients are seeing the benefits of following suit – both financial and economical. Recycling and repurposing can create an extra revenue stream for any business dealing with a significant amount of waste materials. Organisations with many sites find waste backhaul to be the simplest way to deal with the scale of the materials produced. As well as this, the environmental benefits are huge – not to mention the positive impact on company image from becoming a more sustainable organisation.

Moreover, the upward trend could be due to the increasing availability of recycling and repurposing to everyday consumers. At Greenbank we make it easy for organisations to adopt their processes to make waste more efficient, recycle more and save them money. And it’s not a case of rewriting the rule book – adding balers and compactors in the right places, and giving staff simple advice on the most efficient ways of working has been proven to actually save staff time, as well as reducing costs for the company. The result is an increase in repurposed waste, motivated staff who can focus on their core duties and a streamlined system that generates extra revenue.

“The recycling of packaging is an important part of the process, and Greenbank’s unswerving commitment and flexibility was crucial to their appointment.”

DSGI International Plc

The final figures remain to be seen, but we predict the upward trend is just the start of many companies reassessing their waste practices.

Recycling and repurposing is no longer simply a consideration for big business; it has massive benefits for any organisation dealing with recyclable materials on a daily basis.


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