Product Focus: B-Series Vertical Balers

B4 balers

Product Focus: B-Series Vertical Balers

Here at Greenbank Waste Solutions, we have a wide variety of vertical balers available to suit different business needs. From smaller balers such as the B3 and the B4, perfect for retailers, to the large mill-size balers like the B30W and the B50, which find a home in manufacturing facilities, warehouses and recycling centres. These balers have fantastic energy-saving capabilities compared to competitor models.

Our balers are manufactured by Bramidan, of which we’re proud suppliers. This company is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of waste handling solutions and we are proud to be associated with them.

What are Vertical Balers Used For?

Vertical balers are used to compress recyclable materials into solid, space-saving blocks. These blocks are then sold on to recyclers who pay for the materials they can reuse.Many companies create an extra revenue stream from bales and by selling their recyclable materials.

The compact design of vertical balers means they are excellent for use in confined areas as well as large warehouses.

Vertical balers have many advantages:

  • They’re reliable and efficient.
  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Compacted items take up less space and mean collections are required less often, saving money on collection costs.
  • Increase sustainability – businesses can dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly way.

Vertical balers are continually modified and improved to produce quality equipment that works in all modern applications. The B4 baler is the latest example of this. Developed to work more efficiently than ever, our customers can reduce their waste and handling costs whilst increasing revenue from baled materials.

With the increasing costs of labour and transport, it’s essential balers have minimal operative requirements. Our balers produce maximum bale densities to ensure full payloads.

Our vertical balers are renowned for their robust construction and simple, easy to use controls. Bramidan balers have large wide loading openings, bale-full warning lights and an automatic press plate return. This makes them easy to use and allows staff to focus on other duties.

Built to Last

Our balers are built for quality, both in finish and operation. Over 15,000 vertical balers have been supplied throughout Europe, giving a healthy return to customers across many industries.

Each machine is built to CE Standards and is certified for both safety and low noise levels.

Easy to Fit, With a Small Footprint

The B4 baler comes with extra features compared to other small footprint balers. With a 4-ton press force, deep stroke and efficient retainers you can reach a high compaction ratio.

All steps of the operation are made simple and safe and the very low noise provides an optimal working environment.

An automatic full light indicator flashes when a bale is ready and prevents from overloading the chamber. The finished bale is ejected by a safe and automatic two-hand operation.

Compliance with European Safety Standard – EN16500

In spring 2015 a new European safety standard for vertical balers was released. It’s called EN16500 and prescribes a very high safety level for all essential functions of balers. All of our balers comply with EN16500, including the B4.

The Benefits of The B4 Baler

  • Easy to connect – operates on single-phase power supply.
  • Safe operation – this baler complies with EU safety standard EN16500.
  • Built with heavy-duty steel to handle repeated use.
  • Front operated – the B4 baler for cardboard fits where you need it.
  • Simple one-touch operation.
  • Low noise levels.
  • High-density bales.
  • Easily accessible baler twine.
  • Bale-full warning light.
  • Easy unloading – manual unlock and mechanical assist makes unloading easy.

Balers are the perfect accompaniment for the modern, fast-paced business. If you’d like to see what balers are available to you, download our brochure.

Explore the Latest Baler Equipment

In our brochure, discover the range of balers we have here at Greenbank Waste Management. With specifications and benefits detailed within, discover which baler is the right one for your specific business needs. 

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