Product Focus: Static Screw Compactors

Static screw compactor

Product Focus: Static Screw Compactors

What is a Static Screw Compactor?

Static screw compactors compress waste materials so they can be easily stored and transported, ready to be taken to recyclers. Recyclers buy used materials in bulk, allowing companies to create an extra revenue stream from the sale of waste products. This form of compaction is an environmentally friendly way of working with materials successfully diverted from landfill and instead recycled into new products.

It’s widely agreed that static screw compactors are the best way to compact cardboard, waste paper or wooden boxes. They are more effective for these materials than a regular compactor as they pre-crush the material allowing you to achieve high capacity loading weights of up to 300kg compacted waste per m3. Even EURO pallets and wooden packaging materials are no problem for our heavy duty screw compactor.

What are the Benefits of using a Static Screw Compactor?

The new design created by the team at Greenbank offers a maintenance-free gear drive and heavy duty roller bearing. This guarantees an efficient and trouble free performance, high level of reliability and low service costs.

Due to the design incline of the compacting channel, the static screw compactor offers a significantly better performance than any other machine available on the market.

In combination with the fully automatic lubrication system and the new gear drive, the static screw compactor has much lower service costs compared to the standard chain drive systems. The standard smooth start control prevents impact load of the gear drive.

There is an automatic lubrication system which reduces the maintenance effort. It’s resistant to dirt and ensures a long service life. Material-specific feeding accessories pre-crush the materials and prevents them from bridging.

Our static screw compactors have the following features:

  • ¾ full early warning light
  • Full capacity light
  • Separate function switches for screw operation and feeder operation
  • Optional cardboard feeder system
  • The auger prevents any jamming of expansive materials
  • Manufactured in accordance to EC requirements 89/37/EG, conforming to EC health and safety regulation [CE]

Are Static Screw Compactors better than Regular Compactors?

The heavy duty capability of the static screw compactor makes it preferable when dealing with materials such as cardboard, wooden boxes or pallets. If your company deals with large quantities of these materials, you could see an increase in productivity from using a static screw compactor.

How can a Static Screw Compactor Help My Business?

The above mentioned benefits can offer a business huge savings. Machines are low maintenance, so they can run without using a lot of ‘manned’ time. As staff are spending less time with the compactor, they increase their productivity as they are free to focus on their core duties.

These compactors have a high capacity, processing large quantities into manageable loads that can be sold onto recyclers to generate income.

How Can I Get One?

We’re always happy to give advice on the best equipment for your business, as well as guidance on how to use it for maximum productivity.

To find out more about this or our cardboard baler options, contact our team on 01642 249924 or

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