19mm Baler Strapping – 500m Roll x4

Our 4-pack of 19mm x 400m baler strapping rolls are made from robust and durable polystyrene material, making them an excellent alternative to baling twine or wire. 

When baling materials that don’t require wire, our cost-effective 19mm baler strapping provides an efficient solution to secure your bales effectively. Each pack contains four reels of high-quality 19mm x 400m baler strapping, ensuring you have an ample supply for your baling needs. 

Strong and Durable: Crafted from resilient polystyrene material, our 19mm baler strapping offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring secure and reliable baling.

Shock Absorbent: The baler strapping’s shock-absorbing properties make it ideal for handling heavy and dense bales, providing added protection during transportation and storage.

Cost-Effective Solution: When baling materials that don’t require traditional baling wire, our 19mm baler strapping offers a cost-effective alternative, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

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