Auto Rewound Wire Former (520KG)

Our easy-to-work-with auto rewound baling wire offers remarkable resilience and convenience.

Delivered on heavy-duty steel formers, it effortlessly complements all types of baler manufacturers and models. With a capacity of 520 kg, this wire former is the perfect solution for medium-scale baling applications. 

Medium-Scale Baling Solution: With a capacity of 520 kg, our wire former is specifically tailored for medium-scale baling applications, offering efficiency and convenience.

Easy-to-Work-With: Our auto rewound wire former is designed for ease of use, making it effortless to handle and work with during baling operations.

Compatibility: Compatible with all types of baler manufacturers and models, this wire former seamlessly integrates into diverse recycling setups.

Greenbank also supplies Auto Rewound Wire Coils in 40KG, as well as Galvanised Cut & Looped Wire Bundles in 14ft16ft and 18ft.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary difference lies in their capacity. The 520kg wire former is suitable for medium-scale baling applications, while the 1040kg wire former is designed to handle large-scale baling needs, making it the ideal choice for higher volume operations.


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