BWK 1300 Large


The technology of the BWK1300

Our unique development in the field of stationary container cleaning systems is used for automatic cleaning of waste containers and/or production containers with a capacity of up to 1100 liters. Optionally, two small containers or one large container can be cleaned. The containers are automatically conveyed into the washing cabin according to program preselection, after which the automatic high-speed door closes.

Modular components

  • Washing cabin and machine technology (full cladding) made of stainless steel
  • Special stainless steel comb holder
  • Special cleaning device for internal, external, collar and lid cleaning
  • Safety grille in the work area
  • Recycling system adapted to the use case


The BWK1300 can be used for two containers up to 360 liters or one container from 660 to 1100 liters.

No water residues on lid, base and waistband area → Residual water carryover when tipping out of wash booth is avoided. Protection for employees (no protective clothing required) Clean workplace guaranteed Best cleaning results even in hard to reach places Exterior and interior cleaning during one wash cycle Low water consumption due to 360° rotation Fast cycle times High efficiency


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