GB50H 38TSemi-Automatic Baler

The Greenbank GB50H–38T semi-automatic baler is designed for retail and commercial baling operations to facilitate the fast loading of baling materials. The GB-38T produces high-density, high-quality bales to improve efficiencies and drive down costs. A compact high-efficiency power pack reduces the carbon footprint and associated operating costs.

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Key Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

The baler operative will hand load the waste material into the machine via the hopper – or if there is a bin lift attached, they will load the bin and then hook it up to the baler – where it will be compressed by the hydraulic press plate into a dense mill-size bale. Once complete, the bale is tied off by the operator using baler wire or strapping, and finally, it’s removed from the machine for storage until it is collected.

By using the GB50H-38T semi auto baler, you will benefit from greatly reducing the volume of your waste material. In turn, this will reduce the amount of space that you require for storage and the number of removal trips – both of which will help to reduce your waste management costs. Whatsmore, by producing mill-size bales, you will be able to receive a higher rebate from recyclers who wish to purchase your bales, and you’ll maximise the collection lorry’s payload.

Reduce labour costs

Featuring an open flared hopper, the GB50H-38T baler can be loaded quickly. This, in combination with its fast running times of only 40 seconds, helps to reduce labour costs.

Increased payloads and reduced transport costs

By producing high-density mill-size bales, which are perfectly sized to maximise the waste removal lorry’s payload, you will increase the rebate that recyclers are willing to offer you for your baled waste.

Key Features:

  • High Quality, Square Edged, Mill Sized Bales
  • Full Hydraulic Bale Eject
  • Easily loaded with Open Flared Hopper

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