GS3200Large Static Compactor

The GS3200 Large Static Compactor, our premier model in the static compactor lineup, is engineered for businesses dealing with extensive bulky waste materials, including furniture and industrial refuse. 

The GS3200 is built to perform reliably in any setting, featuring a durable, weatherproof control panel for outdoor use and an energy-efficient motor that helps to reduce your operation’s carbon footprint. Additionally, this compactor includes an accessible open-top hopper design to accommodate both hand and mechanical loading, offering versatility in waste management practices.

With its robust compaction force of 380kN, the GS3200 efficiently compresses vast quantities of waste, making it an indispensable tool for commercial and industrial operations aiming for streamlined waste processing and disposal.


Charge box volume (m3 ) 3.2
Min. theoretical cycle time (sec) 54
Max. theoretical through put (m3 /h) 213
Compaction force (kN) 380
Compaction force final stroke (kN) 400
Overall length (mm) 5480
Overall width (mm) 2300
Overall height (mm) 1500
Hopper length (mm) 2000
Hopper width (mm) 1500
Minimum loading height (mm) 1350
Ram penetration (mm) 320
Ram stroke (mm) 2500
Weight (kg) 4820
Electric motor (kW) 11
Electric supply 400V/5OHz - 32Az


The GS3200 is the largest machine in our range of static compactors, providing efficient waste management for large volume waste generators.

Low power consumption

Our compactors come with a low power consumption motor, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses that use them.

Key Features

  • Large feed opening
  • Large compaction force
  • Optional loading
  • Enclosed hand loading hoppers
  • Open topped, to be loaded by tipping skips
  • Rear and side hydraulic bin lifters
  • Air extraction
  • Pre-crushing units

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