If you’re seeking to enhance your business’s waste management systems, cardboard balers offer a practical solution to manage and recycle cardboard waste. These robust machines compact excess cardboard into tightly bound bales, drastically reducing waste volume. This compaction leads to significant space savings and waste disposal cost reduction whilst opening up potential revenue streams through recycled bales. Moreover, by streamlining the recycling process, businesses can contribute to environmental efforts, aligning with short and long-term sustainability goals.

Greenbank offers a range of cardboard balers designed to meet the specific needs of different businesses. Our fully automatic balers are ideal for operations with high volumes of cardboard waste, offering seamless, labour-saving compaction. Semi-automatic balers are suitable for more manual operations with moderate waste management needs. For smaller establishments or those with limited space, our vertical balers present a compact yet effective solution for cardboard waste, ensuring that all businesses can find a baler that fits their operational requirements and waste output levels.

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