Cobalt SC1200 in the warehouse

SC1200 Small Compactor for Dry / Wet Polystyrene

Polystyrene is commonly used as packaging material for many industries, such as fish processing and appliance manufacturers. If such packaging isn’t compacted it is extremely light but voluminous, this results in high transportation costs.

Polystyrene compactors break down EPS blocks of all shapes and sizes and refines them into solid blocks, often referred to as briquettes which can be sold for a rebate.

The SC1200 is the smallest EPS compactor in our range with throughput of up to 35kg/ per hour. The SC1200 is not only robust, it’s a low maintenance machine with an ability to reach high compaction ratios. Due to its capable versatility, the SC1200 reaches such compaction with both wet and dry polystyrene.

This polystyrene compactor is straightforward to use providing a much simpler and effective way in dealing with company waste. The operation of this compactor allows for continuous loading.

Should you require something larger take a look at the SC2100 and SC3100.  Throughputs for these models increases to 50kg – 200kg per hour.

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Can I receive a rebate for the compacted blocks?
Yes, compacted polystyrene blocks are highly sought after with some recyclers willing to offer up to £700 per tonne of it. Upon delivery and installation of the machine, we will put you in contact with recyclers who are local to you and would be willing to take your waste polystyrene off your hands.
Can I put polystyrene into general waste?
Polystyrene can be put into general waste although it’s not recommended - not only is it expensive to transport due to it’s bulky nature but it’s also incredibly damaging for the environment if sent to landfill (speaking of which, you’d also have to pay landfill tax if you were to dispose of it there). It’s a far better idea to compact your polystyrene; you’d be opening yourself up to a new revenue stream and it would reduce your business’s carbon footprint, whilst also reducing the damage to the environment that's caused by polystyrene waste.
Who is the SC1200 best suited for?
The SC1200 is the smallest polystyrene compactor in our range and is therefore best suited for businesses with lower volumes of polystyrene waste or those who are just beginning their waste management journeys. It has a throughput of up to 35kg/ per hour and a large feed opening for easy loading of the machine.

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Product Features

  • Straight forward operation

    The SC1200 is incredibly easy to use and can be continuously loaded as the block is produced, meaning that its operatives can be as effective as possible.

  • Wet & dry polystyrene

    A high compaction ratio of 50:1 can be achieved with both wet and dry polystyrene.

Key Features:
  • Average compaction ratio of up to 50:1
  • Simple automated operation
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
Technical Specifications
Throughput (kg/h) up to 35
Bale Size (HxWxL) (mm)154 x 154 x Variable
Bale Weight (kg)Up to 400 Kg / m3
Feed Opening (LxW) (mm)730 x 320
Standard Feed Hopper (mm)Yes
Bale Counter & Hours Run FeatureNo
Motor Power (Kw) 2.2
Power Supply (D-curve)16Amp, 400V, 3P+N+E
Noise Level (dB) 60-90dB depending on material
Overall Length (mm)3145
Overall Width (mm) (exl hopper)459
Overall Height (mm)1605
Floor space required (LxW) (mm)3500 x 500
Weight (approx.) (kg)355
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