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Static Screw Compactors

Static screw compactors are considered as the best way to compact cardboard, waste paper or wooden boxes. Due to pre-crushing of the material you achieve high capacity loading weights up to 300kg compacted waste per m3. Even EURO pallets and wooden packaging materials are no problem for our heavy duty screw compactor.

The new design of the Greenbank static screw compactor, with its maintenance free gear drive and heavy duty roller bearing, guarantees an efficient and trouble free performance, high operation of reliability and low service costs. Due to the design incline of the compacting channel the static screw compactor has a significantly better performance than any other machine on the market.

In combination with the fully automatic lubrication system and the new gear drive, the static screw compactor has much lower service costs compared to the standard chain drive systems. The standard smooth start control prevents impact load of the gear drive.

The screw compactor comes with standard MOELLER – PLC control for screw operation and automatic lubrication system. The control panel has the special features of a 3/4 early full warning light, along with a full capacity light plus separate function switches for screw operation and feeder operation. Optional cardboard feeder system available. The machine is manufactured in accordance to EC requirements 89/37/EG conforming to EC health and safety regulation [CE].

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