GS1800 baler

GS1800 Small Static Compactor

The GS1800 is the smallest machine in Greenbank’s range of static compactors, yet remains suitable for the disposal of large volumes of waste.

This machine can be used for general waste, bulky furniture goods or recyclate materials such as plastic and cardboard.

The GS180 static compactor  has been installed with a wide variety of
fit out options, from our basic hand loading hopper, bin lifting
systems, conveyor feeds as well as direct off dock loading.

It has the capacity to throughput and compact several tons of
material per hour making it an ideal choice for a wide selection
of industries.

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What is a static compactor?
A static compactor is a type of waste management machine that compresses waste materials into compact blocks for easier disposal. It is considered static because it is often bolted to the floor and remains in the same spot once installed.
What are the benefits of using a static compactor?
Using a static compactor like the GS1800 can help reduce waste volume, improve waste management efficiency, and lower waste disposal costs.
How does the GS1800 compact waste?
The GS1800 uses a hydraulic ram to compress waste materials into dense blocks, which are then easily transported for disposal.

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Product Features

  • Compact Size

    The GS1800 is the smallest machine in Greenbank's range of static compactors, making it suitable for small spaces and areas with limited capacity.

  • High Capacity

    Despite its small size, the GS1800 can handle large volumes of waste, with the capacity to throughput and compact several tons of material per hour.

Key Features
  • Suitable for all compactor applications with many loading options
  • Enclosed hand loading hoppers
  • Open topped, to be loaded by tipping skips
  • Rear and side hydraulic bin lifters
  • Air extraction
  • Pre-crushing units
  • PLC Control for maximum reliability
  • Dual channel safety circuits
Technical Specifications
Compaction force @ 200 bar33T
Motor power5.5/16 kw/amps
Cylinder bore 100 x 2 mm
Ram face pressure @ 200 bar43 psi
Std factory set cycle time56 secs
Fast cycle option35 secs
Charge box volume1.77 cm
Chem volume per stroke1.37 cm
Packing ram full stroke1500 mm
Packing ram penetration250 mm
Anti-vandal control panel enclosureincluded
Compactor length2090 mm
Compactor width (excluding clamps)1667 mm
Charge box loading height1290 mm
Compactor height1570 mm
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